Current Partnership



Seed2Life International is excited to be partnering with Quenched to drill clean water wells in Northern India and Nepal for families in remote areas. Additionally, Quenched collaborates with a local pastor in the area to throw a party commemorating the well in the community, where the Gospel is shared (using John 4 - the woman at the well story). Followup visits are conducted for discipleship and additional sanitation/hygiene education for the community.
Wells are $1,000 each USD. Seed2Life would like to provide resources for a minimum of (3) wells to be drilled later in 2021. We have been blessed with a $1500 match gift.
Key statistics:
  • Less than 50% of India's population has access to safe drinking water which contributes to the unnecessary deaths of thousands of children (primarily) each year.
  • Less than 2% of the population of India confess a relationship with Christ
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