Deborah Geesling, President (P82 Project Restoration, Mesa, AZ)

Seed2Life International

Dec 2022

Seed2Life Program: New Ministry Incubator/Micro-Grants

“It is difficult to put into words what your investment into our ministry means. Thank you for seeing the need and moving in faith to help us by your financial gift and excellent training… you have gone above and beyond with encouragement and educating me in foundational skills. Now we have a clear vision, more confidence and faith, and a successful micro-grant campaign that has injected excitement and renewed faith into our work, board and partners. Seed2Life has been a grace and gift to us from God. I still can’t believe there are Christians like you who would sacrificially give of your time, finances, giftings, and expertise to a smaller organization like ours. I see this as the heart of Jesus who has eyes for those on the margins of society. We are indebted, we are immensely grateful to God for you… a beautiful expression of the Gospel you have displayed.”