Equipping Your God-Inspired Dreams

Are you part of a faith-based/Christian ministry startup needing help getting launched? Have you felt overwhelmed thinking of having to glean help from a variety of different sources?

What if there was a way to receive what you need all under ‘one roof’?

Our Mission:

Equip your God-inspired dreams to serve your community and share the Gospel, by leveraging the knowledge and experience of leaders in the field, to maximize the potential of your ministry startup.

The program

Over the course of six months, we provide an inspiring environment, providing coaching, training, and mentoring in, as needed, five foundational areas we consider crucial to building a solid, healthy base for successful growth now and into the future. These areas include:

  • Fundraising Strategies
  • Financial Management
  • Vision/Strategy/Team Development
  • Website Development/Maintenance/Logo Design
  • Fiscal Sponsorship Coverage or Acquiring 501(c)3 Status

The heart of this NMI program is to deliver an all-inclusive platform that maximizes the opportunity for the long-term fulfillment of your mission.

If you believe your new ministry startup could be a potential candidate for Seed2Life’s New Ministry Incubator, please complete the New Ministry Incubator Candidate Questionnaire.