Pastor Mark Rempel (29:11 Church, Tempe, AZ)

Seed2Life International

Dec 2022

Seed2Life Program: Outreach Ministry Plans/Christmas Toy Store

“Our Christmas Toy Store Outreach, in partnership with Seed2Life, was able to take care of 43 foster families (115 kids total) and provide needed gifts for their Christmas season. It is one of the most beautiful outreaches I have ever been a part of. Seeing these amazing parents come and find refuge through praying for each family personally, providing them with a Jeremiah’s drink along with a smile of support and then the chance to pick three toys for each child in their home was truly humbling. One family had over eight children! Eight foster kids who will have something to open on Christmas Day. I met a mom who has fostered 42 children in her lifetime. Her gratitude for allowing our church to provide her with some extra help in her budget. This outreach meant so much to her.”

-Pastor Mark Rempel