Current Strategic Resource

Bible Kits

Seed2Life’s tangible resource we are currently working to provide to churches, outreaches, missionaries, etc., are Bible Kits, to use as an outreach tool for seekers and a discipleship tool for new believers.

Each Bible Kit includes:

  • a full Bible (we can use different bible translations/language, if preferred) – currently making them in English & Spanish
  • a Plan of Salvation bookmark
  • a short booklet/devotional ie. ‘My First 21 Days with Jesus
  • a multi-colored pen for taking notes
  • a pair of non-prescription reading glasses (variety of powers) with case
  • packaging so all items are together in a ‘kit’ format

A recent story of the power of the Bible Kits 

Nicolee T. | Executive Director | Harvest Compassion Center, Phoenix, AZ

I wanted to share this photo with you, a sweet lady whose faith is brand new! She was so happy to receive a Bible Kit and these reading glasses too! She commented, “My very own Bible! And I get glasses!” She was VERY grateful. We are thankful for your partnership!

Opportunities to Get Involved

Bible Kit Assembly

Looking for a fun activity for your small group or family? Assembling bible kits and giving them to local ministries in your community for distribution can be very rewarding. This can be done anywhere in the U.S. Go here to inquire.

Fundraise for Bible Kits

Bible Kits are $5 each (includes all the items listed above). We typically make the kits in batches of 40 at a time (that’s the number of bibles in one case). So, one full case of bible kits would cost $200. Go here to give towards the bible kits (choose ‘Strategic Resources/Bible Kits’).

Thank you in advance for being a part of the stories God is writing through these Bible Kits as they are placed in the hands of those on the journey of discovering God’s great love.