What We Do


Through our Seed2Life Resource Application process, ministries submit a request for assistance in locating and acquiring necessary resources for their events, activities, and development needs.

Our application review team will evaluate submittals based upon the following criteria:

  1. In alignment with our Vision and Purpose
  2. Of like faith and foundational beliefs, in accordance with our Doctrinal Statements
  3. Best match our available resources

Apply for resources here:

Resource Application

It is Seed2Life International’s intention that each of our approved partnerships are for a specified time frame and not open-ended. The specific time will be determined as part of our review/approval process.

Primary resources we help to network and distribute include:

Tangible Goods: examples include beds/linens, food, medical supplies, toiletry items, clothing, bibles, and equipment.

Financial Resources: examples include funds for supplies not able to be resourced through our Tangible Goods, items needing purchased in-country, etc.

Short-Term Missions Teams: these teams will aid in activities such as building projects, community outreach events and administering humanitarian aid to the poor.

Ministry Development: as needed, Seed2Life can provide some guidance with goal setting, event planning, outreach/serving ideas, team building and general ministry development.