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Seed Planters Monthly Giving Campaign

A bountiful, crop producing field requires seed planters. ‘Seed-Planters’ are also vital for an organization’s mission to see the ‘fruit’ of its labor. These strategic investments (the seed) into rich, well nurtured ‘soil’ will produce a great harvest. Will you consider being a part of our Seed-Planters Team?

Seed-Planters Team

For Seed2Life, the foundation of our strategic investments are found in our Seed-Planters team – those who commit to monthly giving (seed planting). A strong monthly giving program is important to our growth and development, as key parts of our program/operating budget are based on these commitments. The plan below, fully funded, will generate over $30K annually, enabling our micro-grant program, new ministry incubator, and strategic resources program to better equip other ministries to transform lives through the Gospel.

    Seed-Planters @ $100/month

    Seed-Planters @ $40/month

    Seed-Planters @ $15/month

    Thank you for prayerfully considering joining our Seed-Planters team, an essential part of the life-changing stories being written through our mission – equipping ministries to transform lives.

    Give here (choose the ‘Recurring Giving’ box on the left of the giving window).

    Seed2Life International is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization.

    All donations are tax deductible.
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    Thank You!