Based in Lebanon, Missouri

Out of the Ashes (OA) works with kids that have been labeled as dump kids from Kora, Ethiopia. Due to the extreme poverty, many families are unable to provide for themselves outside of spending their days in the city dump picking through the piles of trash and searching for food scraps and plastic or metal to sell. Children often fall prey to adults, drugs/addictions and animals who all fight for the best trash. OA is committed to making a difference in the lives of these children and their families; working to help permanently break the cycle of extreme poverty. OA sponsors children so they can be placed in boarding schools around the city, where they will receive an education, learn healthy life skills (body, mind and spirit) and be in a safe, nurturing enviroment. One of the health challenges they face is shoes are not a priority here. However, bare feet are a high transmitter of disease. Of the sponsorship monies OA has for each child, due to cultural priorities, shoes are at the bottom of the list. In an effort to continue keeping their 450 kids healthy, Seed2Life International was asked to help provide shoes. Through the generosity of many, 252 pairs of shoes were sent.

God is so good! We would like to give proper recognition to everyone that donate. I’m amazed by the generosity of people. You have fulfilled a huge need for us (252 pairs of shoes for the kids!) Thank you is not enough. I have to say that I am overwhelmed at Gods faithfulness to provide for the kids in Korah, Ethiopia. Again, I want to express our gratitude and say thank you again for partnering with us. You are helping change lives in Korah. Blessings to all of you!

Stacy Segebarth, Out of the Ashes, INC.