Resource Request Application


Please read before completing this application:

Thank you for your interest in Seed2Life International. Seed2Life desires to partner with established churches, ministries and
organizations who:
  1. Are in alignment with our vision, purpose, values, and beliefs.
  2. Strive to help those living/struggling in areas such as: housing, food, clean water, medical assistance, education, life/relational skills, disabilities, addictions, etc.
  3. Have a vision for an expansion/growth project, events or specific tasks/activities that would increase their capacity, and/or better position themselves to achieve their goals and fulfill their purpose and vision.

We will also assist ministries who are not yet established, but who have a vision to start a ministry that aligns with our core beliefs.

It is our goal to help you attain the necessary resources to better equip you now; establishing a healthier foundation for your future stability, consistency and long-term success. It is our intent that each approved partnership be for a specified length of time and not ‘open-ended.’ This length of time will depend upon your needs, specific project, event or activity.


The four main categories of assistance Seed2Life offers are:

– Tangible Goods
– Financial Assistance
– Short-term missions teams
– Ministry Development/Planning/Team Building & Training

Please complete this application as thoroughly and detailed as possible. Include any/all applicable supporting documentation (i.e. ministry plan, vision strategies, pictures, drawings, printed materials about your ministry, statements of faith, etc. as applicable and appropriate). If there are questions you cannot answer or don’t know, please state as such. In-order to accurately assess our capacity to help, we need to have an accurate picture of where you are now. In other words; it’s okay to say, “We don’t know,” “We have not done that” or “We don’t have a plan.”

Please note: Submitting this application is not a guarantee of assistance or aid from Seed2Life International, but it is the
first step in the evaluation process. Once your completed application has been submitted, an assessment review will be done to determine if our available resources are a good fit for your needs.