Kurt and his team at @SusHijos (His Children) in El Salvador continue to do what they can to serve local kids, families, the homeless and public servants (ie. police) within the CV-19 constraints. Many global-ministries have been strongly affected by CV-19, including Sus Hijos. Significant sources of revenue have slowed drastically, mission’s teams can’t travel, etc. Additionally, in El Salvador, Marshall Law is in effect and with an already high unemployment rate (25%), the gov’t has made it illegal to fire/lay off any employees at this time. And they do not have unemployment support like in the U.S. Tough spot to be in for everyone!

As we continue to look for opportunities to provide support locally in our own communities, please do what you can to encourage, support and pray for ministries like this as well.

Please pray for:

·         Wisdom and protection for Kurt and his team as they engage each day with hope, faith and trust in Jesus.

·         Opportunities for them to continue serving their community and sharing the Gospel, as they are able.

·         Other revenue opportunities, people to help during this season, etc.

Seed2Life International has been and continues to support this ministry. For more info on Sus Hijos and opportunities to help, visit www.sushijos.org.